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Owlet Testimonial, Guest Blogger- Micah

When my son was 6 months old the owlet saved his life.

We had 3 red alarms that night. (All within a 10ish minute period, I was getting aggravated.) We were watching from the living room, he looked perfectly normal on the monitor. He was sleeping completely peacefully. Without the owlet, we would have never guessed something was up. I (of course) would have checked him before going to bed, but it would have easily been another 30 minutes or so and he would have been long gone at that point.

They were our first red alarms ever and I assumed they were false the first time because I kept reading about false alarms - we jumped and ran anyways, but the first two times it happened when we got to him, he was fine. It happened once more and by the third time when we ran in, he wasn’t breathing and was completely limp. He didn’t come to when we stimulated him. We did sternum rubs, light pops to the booty/cheek, screamed his name, foot rubs etc.

It took about 30-45 seconds to get him to come back. We luckily live like 3 minutes from the hospital so we jumped in the car as soon as we got him breathing again and went to the ER, he stopped breathing again in the car on the way to the hospital but luckily my husband thought ahead and got into the backseat with him so he got him breathing again and then literally jumped out of the car while I was slowing down when we got to the hospital. We were admitted to the picu overnight. He’s better, no lasting effects and you’d never guess it happened by looking at him today. The picu pedi on call at the hospital said he felt that it was super likely it would have been SIDS had we not had the owlet and caught it, he actually encouraged us to keep using it as long as possible. He and his wife used the owlet for their children.

My son DID spend the first 18 days of his life in the NICU as a feeder/grower from being born prematurely due to my preeclampsia. He came home free and clear, with nothing wrong. His NICU pedi was actually the person who suggested the owlet to us. He and his wife used it for their children.

TLDR: If you question using the owlet, let us be your example. It can (and literally did) save the life of my little terror. I can’t imagine my life without him, and because of the owlet I don’t have to.

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