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About Us

The Just in Case Foundation was founded in honor and in memory of Case Borton, born 3/23/21. Case was the oldest of two twin boys and has two older brothers as well. Case was only 7 weeks old when he died from SIDS on 5/12/21 while napping in his bassinet. The Just in Case Foundation provides Owlet Socks to infants born at high risk for SIDS. The Foundation chooses families and gives top priority to those who are at higher risk for SIDS. Had Case been wearing an Owlet Sock, he might still be with us today. Through the Foundation, parents can also book our SIDS & Safety Seminar that include infant and child CPR as well as SIDS information and all participants receive an Owlet. The Just in Case Foundation hopes to help many families and even save babies through the use of the Owlet Sock.

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