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About SIDS

Learn more about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


Risk Factors from Birth

  • Infants born with low birth weights

  • Premature infants (born before 38 weeks)

  • Baby boys

  • Race: African American, American Indian or Native Alaskan babies have a higher risk

  • Twins or multiples

  • Infants with birth defects

  • Siblings of a baby who died of SIDS have a small risk of SIDS possibly linked to a genetic disorder

  • Baby requires NICU time

Environmental Risk Factors

  • Babies who sleep in unsafe sleep environments

  • Second Hand Smoke

  • Evidence of recent respiratory infections within four weeks of death was commonly revealed on autopsies

  • Drug or alcohol use in the home


Recent Developments in SIDS Research

Researchers have found a new preliminary biomarker that may show infants that are born at a higher risk for SIDS. Read the article below to find out more about this new development. 


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