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Our stay in the Hospital

The day Case and Chase were born was the happiest day of my life! My family was finally complete. I was the mommy of 4 perfect little boys. Can you say hashtag boy mom! I always thought I wanted a little girl but then God blessed me with 4 boys and I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

The hospital stay however, was different than the others. For starters, due to Covid,my mom was not able to be at the hospital with me. This was difficult for me, because my mom has always been there for me, for every thing, especially the births of my children. Not having my mom there meant my husband, Daniel, really had to step up, and boy did he. He smoothly sailed into his role as a twin dad! He really loved those boys, and you could see how excited he was to be a twin dad! I’ll never forget the look on his face the first time he got to hold both our sweet boys!

Daniel made having to stay at the hospital so much more tolerable, because I don’t know how you feel about staying in the hospital, but I for one have always hated it! I was so worried that because I was having my Boys 3 weeks early that they would require nicu time. I worried for their health, but I also worried that we would be stuck in the hospital longer. I was so fortunate that they were born completely health, and we were only in the hospital for two days. They were healthy and big especially for being 3 weeks early, not to mention that they were also twins!

During those two days we were so fortunate to have wonderful doctors and nurses caring for all of us! The staff at Memorial hospital cared for us like we were there loved ones and I will be forever appreciative of them. They get to see babies all day every day but they made me feel as though mine were special.

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